Ideal for a wide range of workspaces
Maximum Print Speed: 305 mm/second (12 ips)
Advanced functionality and ease of use
Prevents thermal ribbon creasing with Toshiba’s exclusive web tension control

Product Information

The Toshiba B-EX6 series are redefining the industrial printer marketplace. Able to handle the most demanding applications in heavy duty industrial printing, the B-EX6 series feature a rugged, durable design and with their advanced cost saving features they’re an ideal choice for businesses of any size.

  • 40% longer thermal ribbon capacity
  • Prevents thermal ribbon creasing with Toshiba’s exclusive web tension control
  • Available with Toshiba’s state of the art Near Edge Technology or flat edge head for easy replacement of legacy competitor estates
  • High speed, high throughput with advanced processing capabilities

More Information

The B-EX6has been designed with durability and reliability in mind featuring a rugged and robust outer casing. For even more ease of operation, the printer features a bi-cover to reduce its footprint and maintenance costs.

Flexible connectivity options as both USB and ethernet come as standard for the B-EX6 series range with an option for Bluetooth functionality.

Combining market leading technology with user friendliness, durability and an attractively low ongoing cost of ownership.

Supporting 6-inch media at speeds of up to 12 ips, the B-EX6 series can handle almost any printing application. The overall productivity of the printer is enhanced with advanced processing allowing for a high throughput.

A choice of models to suit any application, with 200 and 300 dpi variants for perfect print quality and improved readability of barcodes. Flat head and near edge head models enable easy replacement of legacy printer equipment, and a wide range of media and options offer flexibility for any printing application.

The B-EX6 series offer an environmentally friendly thermal printing option with their impressive green credentials. ENERGY STAR compliance means that the system meets the latest and most stringent environmental standards.

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