High performance industrial printer
Print Speed: 152.4 mm/second (6 ips)
Easy and convenient to use
Ultimate total solution

Product Information

For users wanting the functionality and robustness of an industrial printer with the compact footprint and ease of use of a desktop printer the B-SA4T offers impressive high-speed printing at 200 or 300 dpi resolution.

  • Versatile design to suit any environment or application
  • Enhanced connectivity with interfaces as standard
  • Easy parts replacement with 'snap-in' printhead and platen

More Information


Using Z-Mode emulation to integrate into legacy software systems, the B-SA4T was designed to seamlessly replace older units without disrupting operations. The powerful Basic Command Interpreter allows it to print via non-TPCL data streams.


The B-SA4T is designed to take up as little room as possible featuring a footprint close to A4 in size. Its front opening, top loading design and rugged casing ensure that it’s both ergonomic for office use and robust enough for harsh operating conditions. This flexibility allows it to suit a range of applications and fit into most businesses seamlessly.


The B-SA4T allows easier user performed maintenance by offering easy access to main service parts. The snap-in printhead and quick-change platen roller are simple to changeover eliminating the need for a service professional to be called out. This lowers the cost of ownership while also increasing efficiency as it takes less time to get the printer back to prime condition.

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