Ideal for high volume label printing
Print Speed: 203 mm/second (8 ips)
Heavy-duty steel housing
Improved running costs with ribbon saving capability

Product Information

For users requiring a highly reliable industrial printer, the B-SX5 offers a range of features packed into an incredibly durable and rugged steel casing. With lightning-fast print speeds it can meet the demands of any high output business.

  • High speed printing through enhanced processing speed
  • Rugged and reliable with high duty cycle
  • Emulation capabilities for easy replacement of legacy competitor estates

More Information


There’s no need to sacrifice quality for quantity with the B-SX5 as it features some of the latest innovations in thermal printing technology. High-precision heat history control, a new hyper-heater mechanism and improved alpha protection layer allow the printer to deliver superb clarity at fast speeds. Additionally, the on-the-fly ribbon save function allows the printer to run more efficiently without affecting its throughput.


The heavy-duty steel cabinet and robust inner mechanism allows the B-SX5 to provide unmatched reliability in even harsh operating conditions. Several technological advances mean more performance and functionalities at a competitive price.


The wide opening mechanism allows easy access to the print head, platen, paper path and sensors. User access to key parts eliminates some of the need for a service professional to be called out. This lowers the cost of ownership while also increasing efficiency as it takes less time to get the printer back to prime condition.


Thanks to the printer’s Basic Command Interpreter it can run Basic programmes allowing it to easily connect to legacy systems. This eliminates the need for costly software changes. The BCI can also communicate with external devices allowing the easy integration of other technology systems.


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