Innovative double-sided barcode printer
Print Speed: 152.4 mm/second (6 ips)
Tool-less maintenance reduces cost of ownership
Easy integration into existing systems

Product Information

The DB-EA4D 2-sided direct thermal printer, adds value and usability to a label’s backing paper, or the back of a ticket, by printing directly onto it, to offer a low-cost and green solution for applications requiring dual output. With user-friendly operation and high-speed printing, this innovative technology provides a reliable and efficient alternative to traditional single-sided solutions. The ultimate in green printing credentials without compromising performance, usability or functionality.

Optional Features

For users demanding peak performance in an environmentally friendly package the DB-EA4D provides exceptional printing speeds with ultimate green credentials. With its small footprint and solid design, it can operate in both office and harsh industrial conditions.

  • Reduced costs - labels/receipts, storage, shipping
  • Compact, rugged and robust
  • Low total cost of ownership

More Information


With its fast output of 6 ips packed into a solid, compact design the DB-EA4D has the flexibility to operate in any environment or application, from diverse manufacturing requirements to confined retail and logistical operations. Its impressive speeds are facilitated by the label and backing paper being printed simultaneously.


With tool-less access to main components the need for professional maintenance is reduced, lowering the cost of ownership and increasing the printer’s overall uptime. Additionally, the DB-EA4D’s double-sided printing capacity offers various savings aside from the lower media costs, e.g. reducing storage space as fewer labels or receipts are required.


The intuitive LCD backlit menu allows simple user operation supported by colour LED notification lights. With quick, trouble-free paper-loading and simple controls the printer requires little training time for employees thanks to its auto-feed functionality.


Most labelling solutions generate significant amounts of waste by the need to throw away the backing paper. Toshiba has addressed this issue in the DB-EA4D with its two-sided direct thermal printing functionality. This adds value and usability to a label’s backing paper, or the back of a ticket, by printing directly onto it.







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