Use proximity cards for authentication at MFD devices

Product Information

  • Use proximity cards for authentication at MFDs
  • Users can gain usage rights to MFDs quickly and easily
  • Compatible with most existing office ID cards
  • Provide extra security without users needing to remember passwords

Optional Features

Toshiba's e-BRIDGE ID Gate greatly simplifies the authentication and logon process for Toshiba multifunction printers. Users can now gain access rights to MFD devices quickly and easily by passing their proximity card over the contact-less card reader.

User Friendly

Users can easily authenticate without needing to remember or manually enter cumbersome passwords. Employee ID cards can be used as proximity cards reducing the amount of bulk on office lanyards. Works with other Toshiba software to easily track usage by individual and department, increasing control over waste. This user friendly package is carefully designed to maintain security and save time whilst eliminating user concerns over compromised passwords.


By using proximity cards access by individuals to the MFD and certain functions can easily be controlled and monitored by network administrators. The software seamlessly integrates with all MFD operations. For even more security Private Print lets the MFD hold confidential information until printing is authorised. The user first swipes their ID card and then enters a PIN to ensure greater security. The information is then printed to be retrieved by the approved person.

Simple Operation Permission

Easily log onto any multifunction device by holding your ID card over the contactless reader. This engages the device management system enabling functions approved for each individual user. This Role Based Access allows the innovative ID Gate software to provide greater control over device use.

Convenience and Control

Usage by individuals or department can be managed closely and simply with the ID Gate software. Usage patterns can be identified and controlled using the Role Based Access Authentication to help control costs and minimise wastage.


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