e-BRIDGE Capture & Store


Bridging the digital gap: In today’s business environment the majority of paper-based information needs to be integrated into your workflows. e-BRIDGE Capture & Store Essentials is the perfect application to digitise paper documents and integrate them into your electronic document workflow.

Product Information

  • Bridge the gap between paper documents, scanned files and your electronic document workflows
  • Streamline the processing of critical information
  • Enhanced efficiency by creating document workflows
  • Scan, route and store your documents with simplicity
  • Easy to operate

Optional Features

Toshiba e-Bridge Capture & Store

Automate Processes

Capture & Store allows administrators to create automatic workflows with an easy to use web-based server interface. Remove the manual intervention from repetitive business processes. With Collect & Store you can automate the extract, routing and distribution of scanned documents and emails. Administrators can then make dynamic workflow decisions.

Increase Productivity

Use the software to convert paper-based documents into searchable electronic repositories. Blank pages can be automatically removed from scanned documents, reducing paper when reprinting. Automatically detect and utilise barcodes on your scanned documents to automatically categorise, route and file your data or split batch scans into separate documents.

Secure Information

Integrate seamlessly with corporate directory services to limit user access to document workflows for their specific role. Encrypt information as its processed ad redact sensitive data in accordance with internal governance and compliance.

Easy to integrate

Toshiba e-BRIDE Capture & Store Essentials offers many inclusive system connectors to allow for seamless integration of captured documents into your existing document management system. The connectors allow you to send the document and its associated meta data to 3rd party software such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Google Drive, Evernote and many more. The software’s scripting capabilities and optional modules allow it to adapt to almost any workplace.

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