Convert hard copy or soft files to Word, Excel or Searchable PDF along with numerous other file formats. Excellent platform for workflow or document management.

Product Information

  • No more re-typing of old documents.
  • Automatic Optical Character Recognition
  • Convert scanned images to up to 17 file formats
  • Send converted scans to network drives, email or FTP sites
  • User friendly with Toshiba MFP template system
  • Hardcopy conversion to editable files on the fly
  • Accurate, efficient and easy to use
  • Split up Batches of scan jobs with barcode separation

Optional Features

Product Information

Toshiba e-BRIDGE Re-Rite

Save space and employee time lost sorting physical files with Toshiba’s innovative Re-Rite software. Re-Rite transforms paper documents into editable digital libraries instantly. The easy to use software features a template system and can automatically convert scanned items to up to 17 editable file formats including Microsoft Word and Excel files. With the press of a single button the software sends the scanned document to the Re-Rite server and Optical Character Recognition is performed.

Re-Rite is a cost-effective solution to digitising physical files as its service is performed in the background and only requires a single license. There is virtually no limit to the number of users that can use the service or the number of devices that utilise the Re-Rite service on the one license. The system works by monitoring an ‘in’ folder that receives incoming documents and after conversion places them in an ‘out’ folder.

The following are just a handful of the formats Re-Rite to convert to and how they can help your office:

PDF and Word – No longer will time and paper need to be wasted on forms sent between departments that need to be printed out and completed by hand. Re-Rite intelligently detects fields that a user can fill out and allows recipients to fill out forms digitally. Improve your office efficiency by cutting down on paper waste and having to decipher illegible handwriting.

PDF A – A file format that conforms to internationally agreed upon protocols that ensure files scanned as PDF today will be able to be opened at any point in the future. This file format is ideal for archival purposes – no more time wasted rifling through filing cabinets to retrieve old documents.

PDF Security – If you’re concerned about the lack of physical security when transitioning to a paperless office, this file type is ideal. The new enhanced PDF security offered by Re-Rite can secure your documents. Opening, printing, copying and editing permissions can be controlled so that not just anyone with access to your directories can view or print sensitive documents.

Re-Rite also features a Metascan option, allowing users to attach keywords to documents that can help classify them for later retrieval. Rather than routing scanned files to a single folder, Metascan actually uses your keywords to define the folder structure on your network, making it easy to search for any scanned file.

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