Large Volume Multifunction Printers

We’re Local

Copyworld is 100% local and based in Adelaide and Perth. Every time you call Copyworld, you’ll be speaking with our dedicated Australian support team. We speak your language, and live in your neighbourhood. Only Copyworld can provide you with reliable local service because our technicians and consultants live in your area.

We are easy to deal with, very accessible and have local service centres. This guarantees fast service delivery and decreased downtime in the unlikely event of hardware or software failure(s). If you ever need a part, or a technician we can be there quickly. So say goodbye to waiting for parts from interstate or overseas. We’re always by your side can troubleshoot issues with you in person, or over the phone.

We’re Professional

Over the last 32 years, Copyworld has built a reputation for amazing customer service and is well known for delivering high quality office printing and photocopying solutions that positively affect your bottom line. Our MFD printer rental and hire solutions are designed to greatly reduce printing costs, and streamline workflow processes for government, schools, small, medium and large businesses. If you want to positively affect your bottom line, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re Flexible

As Toshiba’s exclusive authorised dealer for Adelaide and Perth, we are able to provide you with easy finance and tailored rent / hire plans. Our industry leading consultants can advise you on state of the art equipment ranging from: photocopiers, printers, multifunction devices, large volume printers, medium volume printers, small volume printers, fax machines, scanners, paperless office solutions, document management and networking solutions.

Our rental plans are simple to setup and designed to suit your businesses needs with up to 60 month rental terms on printers and photocopiers. We provide the best rates, installations, technical support and fast delivery. Not only are we easy to work with but you may claim rental payments as a tax deduction. Include 

We’re Client Orientated

After 32 years of working with government offices, accountants, lawyers, doctors, large corporations, and small to medium sized businesses we’ve become experts in identifying common areas of improvement. If you are down to wire, planning for an event or facing a large increase in printing demand volume you can count on Copyworld to help you get through it.

We only stock Toshiba Multifunction Printers and Devices because they are proven to work. We can offer you a world class range of printing, scanning, photocopying, and emailing solutions with variable rental times and a team of specialists to help with installation, planning, configuration and operation. By partnering with Copyworld, you get more than office printing and multifunction devices; you get a dedicated team of local experts who want to see you succeed.

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